Kay Marine Sdn Bhd has the expertise and capabilities to produce a wide range of boats in steel, aluminium, and G.R.P up to 40 meters in length. As a serious player in ship building, we are continuously striving in delivering the highest performance where our client can rely on our quality, delivery time, competitive pricing and after sales services.

We are backed by cohesive team of qualified managers and engineers with decades of experience in the marine industry, and with more than 120 dedicated skilled workers and welders, certified by Classification Societies. We have designed, built and delivered more than 400 vessels since our inception in 1992.

Our team of trained managers, naval architects, engineers, certified welders and skill technicians ensure quality boats to customer satisfaction. Our in house design team, reinforced by associate designers from Australia, Europe and Korea, enable us to offer a wide range of proven vessels design. We have worked with various classification societies and built a variety of boats for a multitude of users and government agencies such as the military, coast guard, police, fisheries, utility, companies, port authorities, etc.